Saturday, October 11, 2008

Railwire-The ISP By Indian Railways

Railtel, a public sector organisation under the Railways taking care of the transport behemoths telecommunication aspects, is now planning to exploit its vast reach by providing high speed broadband connectivity.

The venture will be initiated in Karnataka, at Bellary, Tumkur and a small pocket in Whitefield before being extended across the country. It is expected to begin within two months.

Christened “Railwire”, the initiative’s aim is to provide an application driven network with high speed access to the internet at an affordable cost. Given the low PC penetration, Railtel also plans to manufacture “Thin client PCs”, ranging between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000, in association with a partner.

iRW002 256 Kbps Rs.320
iRW004 512 Kbps Rs.620
iRW006 1 Mbps Rs.920
iRW008 2 Mbps Rs.1220
iRW010 4 Mbps Rs.2120
iRW012 8 Mbps Rs.3620
iRW014 16 Mbps Rs.6920
iRW016 32 Mbps Rs.13520

Port speeds are on 1:4 contention ratio
Contention ratio is the ratio in which no. of users content for bandwidth on the same port. In short, 4 people will be using the same port/card at the DSLAM in the exchange. So, if the port/card is 4Mbps, then it's contented between 4 users.It means that you will get anywhere between 25% to 100% of the mentioned speed.
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