Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting started with the Computer World

Now let me start this blog about posting all the computer information and stuff.
Now for all those who wanted to buy a computer and get started i have given below some good prices in mysore for some very good configuration Assembled PC's.Now the advent of technologies at lower prices makes you have a very powerful computer at a very reasonable price.The price is in my city and might vary a bit in your's

Intel core2duo 2.43 GHz Rs5250
Intel Quad core Rs 8600
Intel Dual core Rs 3900

Intel DG35(latest) Rs4600
Intel DG33 Rs3250
Intel DG31 Rs2800

Go for only transcend or kingston RAM's
2GB ram Rs1650
4GB ram Rs3300

Choose a wise cabinet with SMPS and good looks that will handle your temperature of the CPU well and the one that has good fans for cooling
Good cabinet Rs1000-1500

Nvidia 256mb/512mb graphics card Rs1600/Rs2400

250GB /500 GB Sata Hard Drive Rs 2250

LG15"/17" Monitor LCD screen Rs7100/Rs7800

Logitech Keyboard mouse combo Rs700

LG 18X DVD RW Optical drive Rs1100

Creative inspire 2.1/5.1 Speakers Rs1200/3150

APC UPS 500VA Rs 2250

Hp color printer Rs1650

Headphones Zebronics with MIC Rs300

NOTE::Please take a note to add the 4% VAT to your budget..

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