Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harsh Truth

Today My mom was waiting in the bus stand when she met up with a Boy just about my age(20).
He was a painter who earns his living by painting sign boards. He struggles for every penny that
he earns.The boy was not having a proper talking ability,his style and content of talking was
as good as that of a 5th standard child. While talikng to him my mom came to know that he just lives
a stop before my stop. He has elder brother and a sister,brother also being a painter working
on signboards.He was telling that his sister studies so well and was so much proud
of it. He's making his sister study knowing the consequences of not studying. He saves as much
money as he can for his family.He doesn't get a job every day,and if he gets, he would
earn about Rs75-80.He walks as much as possible before catching a bus sometimes even
for 10kms.I was so touched by this.How can a person struggle so much for survival??? We
have only 1 bus per hour for our area,in which there will be only either of the 2 conductors,
while one allows him to board the bus by giving a ticket for Rs5( The actual fare is Rs7).
The other doesn't even allow him to board the bus even if he has the difference of Rs0.50.
I realised what was the value of Rs0.50 today. He sometimes has to go to some far way place
to work,then he walks all the way from his home to busstand and back home spending the money
only from stand to that place.I could no longer hear this story narrated by my Mom.
Then i started thinking what was his mistake?? Just because of being born in a poor family
he has to struggle so much for living. I am too emotional in this kind of matters,it disturbs
me a lot.
I was comparing himself with me.I get so much of luxuries in my house,courtesy my parents
even then i am not ready to compromise with my life(Mine is a middle class family). But that
boy has made so much of compromises in his life.At the age where any one of my mentality
would be thinking only about the studying and enjoying, this boy is already working taking
care of the studies of his sister.
Today i have made some important descisions in my life...
-->I will reduce wastage of money on recreation an entertainment.
-->I will study and when i work i will definitely start helping people like him.
-->I will save the money and donate it to some poor boy,for his studies.
-->I will try to make compromises with life,with whatever i have got.
-->I will not waste food and not always wish for delicious food.

But still something is worrying me..
Will we ever see an improvement in the in the families of such people??
If yes How???
What has to be done for the betterment of such people??

Of course everyone dreams about life. Who will care about the dreams of such people??
I am so lucky to be born in atleast a Middle Class family...

Is anyone to be blamed for this?? This is not the story of that single boy,This is story of
Millions of Indians who are COME under BPL(Below Poverty Line).Is the situation same
in other countries or is it only in India???

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anup said...

gr8 da, indeed v should b thanking god for what v r now.
very nice post !!