Saturday, October 18, 2008

Port Forwarding in PpoE mode in UT300R2U Modem

I made this tutorial cos everybody wants to know an easy and best way to port forward Mu torrent. so this is it. this works for any modem as long as you know how to get to your main settings for Your modem like i do in which i am going to show u all.This primarily concentrates on Ppoe mode of Configuration.I have used a client like Mu torrent and My connection Is BSNL..On every other system almost all of this part is similar.This is for the modem UT300r2u.

Go to Mu torrent
options-> preferences-> connection

and in connection on the right hand side untick the LITTLE box which says RANDOMIZE PORT EACH TIME MU TORRENT STARTS [if ticked].
Like The Way I Have Unticked It From The Rest.

If u Dont Know Ur IP address then go to Start-> Run
In Run, Type-> cmd
In cmd window, type-> ipconfig/all

Look For Ur IP Address. and Note It Down First.
Above is the address for my modem main settings. This is step 1 the most essential part which u need to know for your modem.The address i have mentioned is the same for all the bsnl users.
Step 2: is when it asks u for username and password and if your username is admin, and password is admin(unless you have changed it), then type accordingly...

Click on the advanced setup option and click on NAT->DMZ host.
In DMZ Host Type Ur IP Address and click "save/apply".

Once u have clicked save/apply then click on Management.Under Management Click on Save/Reboot.

In Control Panel U Have to open Windows Firewall...
Then U Have to Click on Exepctions Tab in Windows Firewall,and Exceptions Tab, click on Add Port and u shall see a window like the one Below.

Now u may enter the name and port as i have done or u may assign a different name and port for mu torrent.
Once u r done entering the name and the port, click ok and then again click ok to close the Windows Firewall Exceptions Tab and Window.

Open MU TORRENT and click OPTIONS on top, In OPTIONS select SPEED GUIDE and this is what u should be seeing...

Now next to Current Port, type the same Port Number which u typed in the Windows Firewall Exceptions Tab where u Added A Port.Do It Like The Way I Did... and then click on Test if port is forwarded properly.if it has been forwarded properly [And anyways It Should].
Then It Will show u a green patch across the port number.
Once that is done then In SPEED GUIDE window u can click on USE SELECTED SETTINGS.

And u will know this when u look at the bottom portion of utorrent... u will notice a green circle with a white tick inside it.That means all connections are perfect.


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Krishna Bharadwaj said...

Thanks boss!! I finally forwarded the port.. :)